The new Talenti company showroom will represents an identity place for the company, a space designed to offer visitors an original brand experience that allows them a total immersion in the key values on which the Talenti philosophy is based: dynamism, the timeless elegance that distinguishes the collections, design originality, propensity for design, high quality and unparalleled comfort that characterize the entire product range.

The redevelopment project and the concept of the new showroom were handled by the engineer-architect Filippo Cagnotto, founder member of the Progetto Reb studio, who on the basis of the company’s mission and through the use of materials that are extremely traceable to the brand’s image, such as dividing walls in strips of dark wood or metal strips, has been able to wisely translate what the Talenti project is into architecture.
The exhibiting space covers an area of over 2000 square meters arranged in a single level within the Amelia HQ and offers a unique, fascinating and exclusive experience as inside a large garden, where all the environments mix harmoniously with large windows that allow natural light to filter through and where a strong presence of greenery dominates, the gardens surround the building and the numerous plants outline the spaces and the main access corridor.

The exhibiting space offers a melodious succession of environments where the most recent collections are mixed with the company’s iconic and most representative pieces in a fluid and consistent way.

A sophisticated setting that demonstrates how all the furnishings of an ever wider range, which has taken shape over the years, can coexist and dialogue perfectly. The skillful use of lighting, elevated islands and perspectives create a stimulating succession of fascinating environments capable of underlining not only the uniqueness of the products, but also the Talenti lifestyle.

Talenti showroom is a workspace dedicated to professionals who collaborate with the brand: authorized resellers, architects, designers, planners and agents. A space that is at their disposal to know the brand, to immerse themselves in its philosophy, study its DNA, learn its mission and then pass it on to the end user by inserting the products in luxurious projects in the most exclusive national and international locations.

The company showroom has been conceived as a space that welcomes customers from all over the world and as an exclusive location to host events, photo shoots, training courses and meetings. A space designed to capture the nature and the identity of the brand, as the most suitable and authentic expression of the company’s contemporary and dynamic language. A place that transmits suggestions, emotions and creates new outdoor trends.