Research, aesthetics and passion come together in each Talenti product.
Outdoor living, like living rooms overlooking the world. Tables and chairs that praise conviviality and comfort. Accessories designed to live and share space in a relaxed and functional way.
Talenti products combine design and research, putting the man and his desires at the center to give life to original pieces with a contemporary flavor, capable of bringing small moments of well-being to life.


The passion and care with which Talenti creates design furniture challenges the usual divisions between exterior and interior, focusing on a new concept of living. Outdoor and indoor come together to give birth to environments that fascinate, welcome and that last over time. The sophisticated taste and versatility of each Talenti piece allows you to furnish any outdoor space with the same care as an interior project. The design and the careful blend of different materials allow the products to adapt to any environment or style, communicating perfectly with their surroundings.


The originality of Talenti projects begins with the shape: essential and refined lines, unique in their kind, interpret a minimal and elegant style and adapt perfectly to any context. The designers who tell the Talenti story share the company‘s philosophy: to create new products that perfectly respond to the wishes and tastes of customers, while maintaining their own identity. A concentrate of aesthetic sobriety and balance of shapes, collections that are always current, capable of interpreting various stylistic figures and resisting over time.


Talenti products are not only an elegant expression of contemporary design, but the result of the perfect balance between technological innovation, craftsmanship and industrial production. Build quality is an essential feature of each product. The selected materials interact with the environment and ensure unchanged performance over time, thanks to their resistance to external agents and the sun’s rays. Fabrics, metals, ropes and wood are selected by expert hands to obtain the best results in terms of aesthetics, functionality and comfort.


One of the most important characteristics of Talenti products is exclusivity. The signature of the most successful designers testifies and amplifies the creative vein and innate elegance of the company. The unmistakable style highlights the aesthetic and tailoring canons of Made in Italy. Thanks to essential lines and refinement in design, Talenti furnishings blend minimal style with sophisticated taste, obtaining original products, capable of surprising.

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