Matter and creativity, manual skill and imagination. New design concepts to experience relaxation in the open air.

Talenti contains several souls within it, concentrates inspiration and craftsmanship, quality in details and product innovation. Each project is a stimulus for continuous evolution and each step towards tomorrow follows a path made by small, large guidelines.


The urge to express an idea is realized in the imagination and creativity. This inspiration and inclination is what drives Talenti’s action, which seeks and enhances the expressive ability of people, designers, planners and craftsmen to create products with a unique character and excellent performance. Projects that, thanks to their soul, win over even the most demanding customers.


A family shares values, supports each other, collaborates and pursues the same goal. Respect, sharing and responsibility are the key values that animate the daily activity of Talenti family. Having a team capable of interacting to grow and improve the way of working is essential. The entire Talenti team has as its goal the well-being and satisfaction of the customer, for this reason each member of the company every day with his work gives a contribution to achieve the common goal. Each product is a bit like a child to be cared for, educated and then given to the world. Talenti products begin their journey from the people who design and manufacture them and then become an integral part of our customers’ daily lives: fragments of professional life that become wonderful stories of life.


Looking towards the future is a philosophy, a challenge to be faced every day.
Talenti discovers trends, tames materials, devises new designs to satisfy the desires and needs of those who will experience the seats, tables and furnishing.
Research and experimentation are the basis from which to start to reach innovative solutions, to improve comfort, durability and ease of use every day, to test materials and finishes. The goal is not only to ensure a high aesthetic standard in attention to details, but also to ensure superior quality, functional and resistant products.


The strongest engine that drives Talenti brand is passion. From design to manufacturing, from administrative offices to the sales team to logistics, each component of the company contributes to creating high quality products. Talenti firmly believes that teamwork is able to produce excellent results: maintaining a climate of collaboration, respect and synergy allows to obtain exclusive, personalized and high quality projects.

Attention to detail

What does the quality reveal? The detail, the attention to small things. Talenti company chisels every nuance of its business with precision: from the design of the idea to the style of each product, from the research of the latest market trends to the presentation of products at the most important trade shows dedicated to design. Elegance and uniqueness are recognizable precisely in the details, for this reason Talenti dedicates a careful and scrupulous care to every smallest element.