The quality of Talenti products is not a simple statement. It is care and attention to detail, it is choice and check of materials, it is obsessive perfection.

Experience and research, in addition to a high consideration of the aesthetic value of the product, they are the key elements that allow Talenti to offer a resistant and long-lasting product.

In order to guarantee the high quality of each product, the Talenti team is dedicated to continuous and rigorous quality control at every stage of the production cycle: from prototyping to product engineering, from catalog graphics to communication choices.

The Talenti Technical Office, in collaboration with the Research & Development department, gives shape to the ideas and projects of the designers by channeling the creative energies of each one in the development of collections that interpret the Talenti style and respond to customers‘ needs.

The choice of materials and technologies to be used in the realization are an integral part of the product study.

The woods and metals are selected and processed to ensure aesthetics, technical-mechanical performance, stability, manageability and rustproofing.

The padding is made of Quick Dry Foam and is diversified, as needed, to give maximum comfort and ensure perfect resistance of the padding to all atmospheric agents, even the most extreme. Most of the Talenti collections are also equipped with a protection membrane of the padding that acts as an additional protective barrier from atmospheric agents, preventing the formation of bacteria or molds thanks to exceptional breathability.

Even the textile element is subjected to strict quality tests, Talenti chooses yarns of excellent quality, 100% suitable for outdoor performance and with all the certifications required in the sector.

In the assembly department, the product assumes its final configuration and it is subjected to a final meticulous check before being sent to the shipping sector.

To each product it is attached a tag with the name of the person in charge which testifies the compliance of the item with the quality standards set by the company.

Each product is therefore guaranteed by the company, which also provides clear indications on care and maintenance, to keep its beauty intact over time.

Each piece of furniture is screened and loved until the last moment that spends in the company, it is tested and verified in all its parts in order to be sure of offering an excellent object. The responsibility that Talenti assumes in front of its customers is a confirmation of the continuous search for perfection and a pact of trust between the company – which guarantees products of the highest quality – and those who choose to fall in love with those products.