A unique item created by Karim Rashid eccentricity. Its design is simple but far from ordinary, just like all the designer’s creations.  Kot is an exclusive solution for those who love luxury, elegance and the unquestionable quality of Made in Italy.  Enjoy the sun, lying in the shade or simply have a relaxing chat is possible with Kot! This exclusive Talenti proposal is outstanding in its lightness, functionality an style. Its lightweight is functional for moving it around but at the same time it is solid and durable. Kot wants to be a “continuum” with the user: It has the shape of a flowing wave and a continuous and fluid design; its sinuous forms may be perceived through the touch. Using it is not simply an ergonomic action, it means establishing complicity with the product itself. Its shape blends with its comfort and ergonomics. The aluminum structure is slender, while the backrest in Plastitex fabric has the right slope to support the back for full relaxation. Kot is the perfect piece to have by the pool, but it is a beautiful solution for the most exclusive and fashionable interiors as well.