Carlo Colombo

Free hitter in the international design scene, recognized among the protagonists of the contemporary parterre with its total independence, with a series of successful products designed for the most prestigious brands.
As often happens with the most brilliant characters, his story is simple, from a builder of dreams for living, work, entertainment; it is a very private story, sometimes even shy, never shouted, but absolutely decided, carefully thought out and realized.
Moreover, in Colombo’s path we find the fascination for the realization, the respect for those who produce, for those who accompany the design process as a concept and as a physical reality.
His, as well as a professional activity, is a life story in which curiosity and passion are inseparably intertwined with skill and competence. History of passion, pragmatism and emotion, of synergies with collaborators and companies, of suggestions that come from meetings, from travel and, above all, from his passion for art.
A curious look her, lover of elegant gesture, rarely scenic, an aspect reserved for her most exclusive research to the limit with art and unique pieces.