Ludovica + Roberto Palomba

Ludovica Serafini, co-founder with Roberto Palomba of the Palomba Serafini Associati Studio, has been designing products that move beyond trends for more than 25 years.

Her approach is first and foremost philosophical : searching for the essence in each project, closer to the concept of balance of oriental cultures than to the Nordic style, the goal of her work is not only achieving  an aesthetic result but also well-being.

Over the years she has created a bold design, without inconsistencies, equidistant from the excess of decoration  and radical minimalism, the result of a selection of values ​​and themes rather than a downsizing project.Organic shapes and squareness, incoherent worlds that she has been able to bring into dialogue, are the hallmarks of her projects, as in the bathroom world that recognizes her as the absolute protagonist.

Her design, which aims to bring together the greatest number of people, originates from her researches, mostly focused on industrial products and serial production, for a more democratic view. However, she has also explored that part of the artisan tradition that can preserve and transmit the culture of Italian know-how, confirming the dualistic and curious nature of her style.

Having developed a wise and balanced design, which connects with coherence very different projects, where every function, every shape, every aesthetic is transversal in a temporal dialogue from one object to another and from one company to another, she has built over the years a deconstructed vocabulary that generates a free lexicon because as she claims, “No freedom can prevent that of others”.

During 25 years the Palomba Serafini Associati studio has  investigated all types of furniture, creating items that are never ripetitive but always recognizable.

The products that Ludovica Serafini creates together with Roberto Palomba are designed to last, not only in the market but above all as silent and faithful companions in the lives of those  who choose them. This is the key of their success, the ability to offer lasting happiness and well-being in daily life in a world that screams and desperately seeks to be recognized.

It would be easier to use decorations and rhetorical figures than to investigate grace“, says Ludovica Serafini. Over the years, her aptitude for design has influenced many fields and she has recently moved into architecture, sailing and contracting, following the bulimic curiosity that has never abandoned her.

The studio has received several international awards and prizes such as the Compasso D’Oro, the Elle Decoration International Design Award, the Red Dot, theDesign Plus, the Good Design Award, the German Design Award. Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palomba design architectures and exhibitions all over the world; collaborating together and being the art directors of some of the most established brand in the world.