Via Alessandro Manzoni, 11
20122 Milano
+39 02 8688 6333

In the most famous street in Milan, now passed from via del fashion to via del design, at 11 in Via Manzoni, Talenti Outdoor Living is transformed and opens the doors of its new Flagship Store. A space where our outdoor collections finally find the way to express themselves in all their majesty and beauty. A space designed not only for a private audience, but also as a meeting point for designers, architects and designers. The evolution of the classic showroom concept. Place of meeting and discussion, with maximum attention to the culture of the project, storytelling and creative counseling. A marked orientation towards the world of contract in which the company, year after year, takes more and more decisive steps, as evidenced by the supplies of the highest prestige that the company cares around the world. The Talenti space wants to be warm, intimate and full of personality, able to create immediate connection with your audience. A place to feel comfortable. The flagship, which expands over 500 square meters on three floors, offers the opportunity to experience first-hand the quality of Talenti products, from the most iconic collections of the brand to the latest novelties. Its constantly evolving windows reflect the dynamism, versatility and strong vocation of the company to design.