565 Broome Soho_New York

An architectural challenge nestled among the skyscrapers of New York, a new luxury residence that follows the principles of well-being and minimalist elegance in every small detail. The 565 Broome Soho is an ambitious project signed by one of the leading exponents of contemporary architecture where Talenti furnishings have been chosen as a high- quality component to complete the charm of the common terraces of this incredible real estate project of 115 apartments in the trendy Soho district.

The idea that stands behind the creation of the two twin buildings of the 565 Broome Soho project is to construct buildings that reflect light, creating a relationship between the inside and the outside. Renzo Piano’s work is a fascinating structure that uses, on the one hand, a special type of plate glass that is absolutely transparent and capable of absorbing light, and, on the other, capable of reflecting it creating a welcoming and a light vision, thanks to full-height windows.

The interior decor projects have followed the trail of the dialogue between lightness and materials, respecting the principles of hospitality and well-being, and amplifying the sense of calm and modernity. The Casilda collection by Talenti, designed by Ramon Esteve, has ensured the comfort and the fundamental elegance of the common area of the terrace. This fascinating location with a breathtaking view of New York City and an original saltwater swimming pool has been made pleasantly relaxing by the soft and linear sofas, refined tables, chairs and comfortable loungers.

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