Villa sul Palazzo – Italy (Lazio)

In the heart of the Eternal City, in one of the most exclusive districts of the capital (Parioli), a luxurious project has born: a private residence that is exceptionally sparkling, thanks to the materials chosen and to the unique location. The Villa sul Palazzo has been created in the upper floors of Villa Carrega, a residence built in 1912 as a prince’s lodging. For many years the villa has been a religious structure, then it has been used for residential purposes and in 2017, the top floors were transformed into a breathtaking home. The beautiful terraces overlooking the city have been furnished with the style and the class of Talenti products.

The restyling of this luxury residence was carried out by the eclectic Ramon Esteve in 2007. The beauty of the spacious rooms has been enhanced through the use of noble materials such as marble, with lacquered surfaces and gilded elements, in a riot of reflections and luxurious impressions. The dialogue of light between inside and outside, thanks to the large windows, amplifies the gaze and the natural lighting, achieving relaxing and soft results. The aura of modernity and luxury blends with choices and structural elements that emphasize the historicity of the building, in a splendid formal balance.

Neoclassical columns frame the terrace, as well as the side fountains, the central fireplace and the small green area create an atmosphere that seems frozen in time, in a wonderful historical bubble that talks about nobility, beauty and luxury. The furnishings are form Talenti: the Casilda collection, designed by Esteve, with armchairs, sofas and small tables has been made in a gold-coloured composition with neutral upholstery and silver travertine marble inserts: a solution that perfectly fits in the neoclassical style of the Roman villa.
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