Appartamento Eagle – Milano

A fascinating renovation of a large apartment in the heart of Milan succeeded in creating a refined, welcoming and human-sized space. The Eagle apartment has answered all the questions and needs of the client, creating intimate and essential environments, redefining spaces on a structural level. Even Talenti has been involved in this rebirth, bringing its minimal style in the outdoor spaces.

The essential and comfortable design of Talenti products has won over both designers and customers. A wooden platform visually moves the outdoor space of the large terrace and creates a well-defined living and relaxation area. The platform hosts a large sofa composition of the Casilda collection designed by Ramon Esteve. The entire outdoor area is also protected by the parasols of the Marte collection. The dark and elegant colors chosen for these elements give character to the environment and perfectly align with the interior style choices.

The architectural and design studio Sferico Architetti has undertaken the renovation of this spacious apartment in the center of Milan with the aim of creating functional and aesthetically pleasing living spaces. The choice of the materials, colors and the design of most of the bespoke furnishings made the project effective in all respects.

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