Casa en la Cañada – Valencia

Built in the Mediterranean nature surrounding the city of Valencia, in Spain, Casa en la Cañada is an architecturally refined private residence, which, like a modern fortress, hides a heart made of silence, relaxation and intimacy. The original stone and wood structure guards the rooms like a casket, opening their spaces to allow the light and the heat to enter. Talenti has been able to best interpret the material and essential concept of this work, setting up the outdoor spaces around the pool.

The project for Casa en la Cañada has been conceived by the eclectic design artist Ramon Esteve who was able to recreate a material and vivid place, as strong in its structure as it is delicate and light in the way it is inhabited. The choice of essential lines, of furnishings with light and natural colors and the fascinating openings towards the nature of the house, makes it a manifesto of quiet, balance and well-being.

The heart of this charming house is the garden, enclosed in a strong and solemn shell of stone and wood, the walls of the structure itself. In this space the Talenti outdoor furnishings have been able to bring their touch of elegance and essentiality, making this villa perfect for relaxation comfort and hospitality. The choice of the armchairs from the Cottage collection, designed by Ramon Esteve, has tastefully mixed the asepticity of the aluminum structure with the visual warmth of the belts in technical fabric or rope. The Casilda collection, with its chairs, tables and sofas with balanced and harmonious proportions, completes the outdoor living space with a soft and natural color palette.

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