One and Only Royal Mirage – Dubai

Dubai instantly evokes feelings of originality, luxury and sometimes even excess. The One and Only Royal Mirage perfectly embodies this imagery. A fairy-tale resort that combines the best of the luxury hotels with the charm of Middle Eastern traditions. A riot of modernity and comfort with inspirations from one thousand and one nights. Talenti could not miss the chance of this splendid magnificence of design and aesthetic refinement.

Located in Dubai, one of the fastest growing tourist areas in the world, the One and Only Royal Mirage is a resort that offers its guests exceptional moments of relaxation, entertainment and well-being. There are plenty of opportunities to find and experience your favorite location, from the various restaurants to the outdoor pools and the traditional hammam. The style that unifies the range of opportunities for guests is modern, luxurious and refined, with particular attention in creating spaces that evoke fairy-tale suggestions, rich and oriental.

The One and Only Royal Mirage is one of the world’s most luxurious hotels located some steps away from Dubai’s iconic sail. Its spacious and sophisticated outdoor spaces, dotted with swimming pools and relaxation areas, offer memorable views of the skyline of the city. Even from the DRIFT, restaurant, lounge bar and infinity pool, the spectacle is assured and can be enjoyed from the iconic sunbeds of the Breez collection designed by Karim Rashid for Talenti: welcoming sun loungers that, like a wave, envelop guests and transport them into another dimension, the one of relaxation.

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