Art Villas – Costa Rica

An oasis of peace nestled in the charm of the jungle where contemporary architecture is perfectly integrated with the surrounding nature, creating moments of peace and well-being. Art Villas is a luxury resort located in the heart of the jungle of Costa Rica, near the famous Playa Hermosa beach. The sofas of the Casilda collection stand out on the almost suspended platforms characterizing the Villas, becoming the frame of breathtaking views and welcoming the guests for an immersive and exciting experience.

The Art Villas project, created in 2019, has been followed by the creativity of the architectural and design firm Forma Fatal. The bold and innovative idea aimed to create a magical place, capable of striking and enchanting the senses of its guests through structures that are literally immersed in the lush vegetation. The clean and essential lines are combined to vivid and shimmering materials, which absorb all the vitality of the jungle and transform it into vital Energy and freedom.

The architectural choices of Art Villas are able to create open environments and spaces that go beyond the classification between inside and outside, always creating breathtaking views. According to this standpoint, the Forma Fatal studio has chosen the Casilda line designed by Ramon Esteve: modular sofas and armchairs characterized by essential and minimalist lines that stand out for their materiality. The Casilda outdoor modules, in fact, have been chosen to furnish no borders tearrces and open rooms overlooking an explosive and uncontaminated nature, creating living areas where the mind becomes free and the gaze can enjoy beauty.

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