CASA D – Ragusa – Sicily

Plays of solids and voids, continuous openings of spaces that interact with each other in a continuum between exterior and interior. Casa D is an ambitious project of contemporary architecture, which highlights the materials used to build it, offering fascinating glimpses towards the outside. The thousand facets of the Talenti proposals are wisely inserted in this balancing, with the aim of creating multipurpose spaces, always welcoming and never banal.

The project of the architectural and design studio DFG Architetti Associati has accomplished an ambitious work of avant-garde architecture in a city of baroque charm resulting in a sumptuous private residence, despite its essential and rigorous lines. The dialogue of materials such as wood and glass flows into creative strategies resulting in dowel floors and ceilings that amplify the spaces and the views. The furnishings that have been chosen ensure an absolute formal elegance, perfectly balancing with each other.

For the large external terraces, visually and physically connected with the internal environments, the DFG Architetti Associates studio has chosen the works of Talenti, capable of best interpreting the expressive duality of the project. The lightness of the bed designed by the eccentric and creative Karim Rashid, with its sinuous lines, blends with the more decisive and composed structure of the modular sofas of the Casilda collection designed by Ramon Esteve, in a carousel of tactile and visual feelings capable of bewitch any guest.

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