Masseria le Torri – Puglia

The shining white of the lime is filled with new energy thanks to the skilful restoration that has transformed an ancient Apulian farmhouse from the 1600s into a welcoming architectural work: a wonderful luxury resort immersed in the sunny Apulian olive groves. The respect both for tradition and for the place that hosts the farm has given rise to an exceptional conservative restoration, capable of maintaining all the charm of the past, offering moments of real well-being to its guests. The combination of recycled furniture and contemporary design elements such as Talenti products has finally created a perfect balance between new and old, between memory and a look to the future.

Bringing a rustic and historic structure, as in the case of Masseria le Torri, new splendor was an ambitious challenge. The desire both of the client and of the designers who followed the work was to create a luxurious but authentic environment, well rooted in the tradition but that did not give up to all the comforts of a modern hotel. Thanks to the skilful use of the same materials chosen when the farm was built in the 17th century and to the attention paid in respecting the styles, shapes and basic simplicity of the spaces, the restoration has reached an unparalleled level of homogeneity, effectiveness and beauty.

The interiors of the Masseria le Torri, one step away from the suggestive Polignano a Mare, have been enhanced by reused furnishings and accessories and with neutral and natural colors, such as cream or beige. The outdoor areas, on the other hand, feature Talenti products: the Cleo collection in aluminum, characterized by sober and elegant lines, perfectly adapts to the diverse needs of the various patios and terraces, while the deckchair of the Touch collection and the Apollo parasols enrich the comfort around the pool. Each Talenti product, even thanks to the combination of different but synergistic materials, integrate harmoniously with the mood that the property wanted to recreate in this oasis of peace.

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